Best International Future Lawyer Awards 2018

Competition Titles : The competition shall accept entries from the following themes/genres

  •  1) Political System, Judiciary, Bureaucracy and Journalism (Or)

  •  2) Education, Reservation, Corruption and White Collor Crimes (Or)

  •  3) Police Harassments, Bossing Govt Servants, Spiritual Corruption

   1st Best International Future Lawyer Award 2018 In Article Writing.

  •  Cash Prize of Rs 10000/-

   2nd Best International Future Lawyer Award 2018 In Article Writing.

  •  Cash Prize of Rs 5000/-

   3rd Best International Future Lawyer Award 2018 In Article Writing.

  •  Cash Prize of Rs 3000/-

Qualification : Any student pursuing bachelors or masters in Law from any of the Universities recognised by the Bar Council of India is eligible to participate in the competition.

  •  Co-authorship upto a maximum of two authors is allowed.

  •  The article must be submitted in English only,

  •  The article must be the original work of the authors. Any kind of plagiarism will lead to disqualification from all Lawsisto Competitions for 5 years.

  •  The article must not have been selected/submitted for publication anywhere. Any violation of this term will lead to disqualification.

  •  The name(s) of the author(s) should not be mentioned anywhere in the article.

  •  The author(s) bear sole responsibility for the accuracy of facts, opinions or view stated in the submitted manuscript.

  •  The word limit for the article is 2500-5000 words, not including footnotes.

  •  Proper references are expected to be cited at proper places and copyright violation of any kind will lead to disqualification.

  •  Every citation must be according to the Harvard Bluebook, 19th Edition.

  •  Formatting Requirements:

    Body text: Times New Roman, Font Size 12 and Line Spacing 1.5

    Footnotes: Times New Roman, Font Size 10 and Line Spacing 1

    Margins: 1" or 2.54 cm on all sides

    Text alignment: Justified

  •  The Completed Essay Writing in pdf format should be sent to with your EnrollementId, Name, College Name, State, City, Email and Mobile.

Note :

  •  All original entries submitted for this competition shall become the sole property of Lawsisto and shall have the right to publish/broadcast/stream the entries in any form.

Enrollement :

  • Start date 1st September 2018 - End date 31st October 2018

Submission :

  • Start date 1st November 2018 - End date 31st December 2018

Reviewing :

  • Start date 20th January 2019 - 25th March 2019

Results On Website :

  • 10th April 2019

Prize Distribution :

  • Start date 15th April 2019 - End date 31st May 2019

Entries sent are to be judged by panel of Lawsisto Jury

Pre Reviewing:

The submissions would initially be peer reviewed and submitted to the Jury

Marking Pattern:

Adherence to the theme- 20

Article Writing Skills- 40

Innovative presentation- 20

Title- 10


These may be further subdivided into categories as per the Judges' convenience.

A fee of Rs. 270/- has to be paid towards enroll for the Competition.

Should you have any doubts/clarifications you may contact

Name: Sai Lakshmi

Mobile Number: +91 9741247247

Email id: