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About Ace Memorial

Ace Memorial provides online services of formatting Moot Memorials, Research Papers, Law Books, College Projects, Negotiation & Mediation plans, LLM Thesis/Assignments. Ace Memorial is a first of its kind initiative to help law students of various law colleges (private and government). Ace Memorial aims to help those students who suffer problems due to lack of formatting skills and resources in different competitions.

About Call for Mooting Experience

Ace Memorial is providing a platform for law students to share their Mooting Experiences around the legal field. This will help them to share their researching and drafting capabilities and achievements with all the legal fraternities and in return it will bring them new opportunities to work with the legal personalities. The shared mooting experiences of the law students on the Ace Memorial website will not only benefit the other Mooters, but also it will help the students who are going to pursue law as they will get to know about highs and lows of being a law student.

Ace memorial invites submissions on “Mooting Experiences” of law students on Rolling Submission Basis. The submissions shall be published on our Website Blog and shared with legal fraternities on Linked In. The best entry will get a chance to do an assured internship with ACE Memorial in which they will get the opportunity to learn basic to advanced formatting skills and certificate of excellence in advance formatting skills.

Objective of the Ace Memorial

Every year many students from different law colleges (private and government) participate in various Moot Court Competitions. These students spend a lot of time & efforts in making their Memorial as good as possible to achieve the Citation of Best Memorial. But many of these Students undermine the value & relevance of formatting in their Memorial, which contains marks and is the deciding factor for the Best Memorial. Team of Ace Memorial will do formatting for you and even assist you with the same. This platform values your efforts and will help you in making your memorial as good as possible.

We’re formatting:  Moot Memorials, Law Books, Research Papers & Projects, LLM Thesis/Assignments and Negotiation plans.

Procedure and Guidelines for Submission of Mooting Experience:

  • The submission should include a cover page stating the names of the Author(s) and Team Members, Designation(s), Name of the University, Name of the Moot, Contact Details and Achievement(s) if there is/are any.
  • The soft copy of the Certificate(s) of any of the participant shall also need to be sent along with the script for the verification of Participation or Achievement(s) if there is/are any.
  • The word limit for the submissions is between 500-1500 words. The length of the submission must not exceed 1500 words.
  • The content should be written in Times New Roman with a font size of 12 and Line Spacing should be 1.5.
  • Co – authorship is allowed upto the number of the team members of the Moot.
  • No references or hyperlinks or citations needs to be incorporated in the Script.
  • All submissions must be sent in the “MS Word Format” to
  • The subject of the email should be “Submission for Mooting Experience.
  • There is no deadline for submission and Submissions shall be accepted on a rolling basis.
  • The Selected Submissions shall be published on our Website’ Blog and shared on Linked.
  • The author(s) bear sole responsibility for the accuracy of facts, opinions, confidential information or views stated in the submitted Script.
  • Copyright of all posts shall remain with Ace Memorial.


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