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Question :  Dear Sir, A shop was allotted by Municipal Committee before 13-14 years on rental basis[ monthly rent about Rs.800/= per month]. Before 7-8 years, a known fellow of me asked me to use the shop for six months. As my shop was empty at that time i.e before 7-8 years. So, I gave my shop to him for six month to him on trust. After six month, when I asked him to vacate the shop then he started fighting with me. Thereon, he started depositing rent in the municipal committee directly & started collecting the rent slips from the Municipal Committee. THE IMPORTANT POINT IN THIS CASE TO NOTE IS THAT THE RENT SLIPS ISSUED TO THAT PERSON BY THE MUNICIPAL COMMIITTEE IS STILL IN MY NAME [ i.e that person is depositing the rent on monthly basis in my name ]. ALSO ONE IMPORTANT POINT TO NOTE IS THAT DURING LAST YEAR I PREPARED BANK DRAFT FOR RENT OF THREE MONTHS FROM MY ACCOUNT[ THROUGH MY BANK ACCOUNT CHEQUE] & SENT THE SAME TO THE MUNICIPAL COMMITTEE, WHO RECEIVED THE SAME & MADE ENTRY OF THREE MONTHS RENT FROM MY SIDE IN THEIR ACCOUNT, 1] Thereby confirming the deposition of rent amount from my own bank account. 2] Also One more point to note is that before six month a legal counsel / advocate of mine sent notice to that fellow mentioning in the legal notice that shop was given from my side on ‘ Trust ‘ for six months only & mine legal counsel addressed him to vacate the same. Sir, Few my known legal experts are saying that the notice given by my councel / Advocate [ saying that the shop was given on trust basis, as mentioned in the legal notice] is wrong. Reason being, the shop has been allotted to the undersigned by municipal committee on rent basis. 3] When I asked to the Municipal Committee to tell about the ‘’ Allotment Conditions ‘’ with the help of RTI then MC could not reply & at last when the case gone to INFORMATION COMMISSION, Then there the Municipal Committee confessed by giving in writing that they[MC] have no record of the same. Now, In above circumstances, whether the legal notice given by my councel to that fellow is wrong or right & how to vacate the shop. Thanks, [ Shiv kumar]

Answer by Canon law chamber :  It's better to approach police department for eviction .. and you can file a compliant against the other party for tress pass to your alloted shop... Convince them that you are in possession of the property the other party trying to interfere with the property .

Subject :  my brother-in-law's secret relationship
Question :  i doubt my brother-in-law has a secret relationship even before marriage and he is continuing it still.How to break their relationship and save my sister.

Answer by Canon law chamber :  Appoint good CID so that they will enquire into the matter ... And they will provide all details regard to your problem ..