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Law Firm Name : Advocate Anshul Kulshrestha

Country : India

City : Gautam Buddha Nagar

Area : Delhi High Court

Practicing Since :  2014

Qualification : BA.LL.B


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Enrolment No Enrolment State Enrolment BAR
D/2041/2014 Delhi Bar Council of Delhi


 Arbitration & ADR

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 Consumer,Product&Service Liability

 Contract & Drafting

 Criminal Law

 Family & Divorce

 High Courts (India)

 Human Rights

 IP, Trademark & Copyright

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 Motor Vehicles

 Supreme Court (India)




 Pre Negotiated Services

 Banking & Finance

 Insolvency and Bankruptcy

 Child Laws

 Entertainment, TV & Movies


 Medical, Pharma & Healthcare


 International Law

 Leisure & Tourism


Subject :  Want to get separate from Parents.
Question :  I am 18yrs old . And want to get separate from Parents. I am doing a job. Can I do so ?

Answer by Advocate Anshul Kulshrestha :  Yes you can move anywhere in india as you have attained an age of majority as per law so you are not bound by your parents or by any other person or by law.. no one can stop you by moving freely and live happily as the way you like. Your parents can not take any action legally if you move out as per your free will.

Subject :  Live in relationship
Question :  Live in relationship me rahne ke liye kam se kam kya age hona chahiye ladka aur ladki ka

Answer by Advocate Anshul Kulshrestha :  The Apex court said an adult couple can be in a live-in relationship even the man's age is below 21 years, the legal age for marriage. In its ruling, the Supreme Court said a major girl is free to decide who she wants to live with