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Subject :  From whom should the damages be claimed after an accident?
Question :  While driving to college one morning, my friend got into an accident where a drunken tempo driver hit her two-wheeler and fell down, suffering from minor injuries. The owner of the temp, however, claims he is not responsible if the driver was drunk because he was not working that early in the morning. Whom should I claim the damages from for the damage done to the vehicle as well as the costs of minor injuries?

Answer by CVC & Associates :  Dear Sirisha, I hope immediately after accident you/your friend might have filed an FIR before the concerned Police Station, if filed then they will investigate and check for the credentials of the vehicle Registration Certificate, Driving Licence of the Driver of the Vehicle, Insurance Policy of the Vehicle which hit your friend then basing on such FIR and other documents, you can file a claim under the Motor Vehicle Act before the Tribunal where your friend is residing would be the Jurisdiction. Try to keep all the medical treatment records including the bills and the vehicle damage repair bills to claim the respective amounts along with other amounts for injuries.

Subject :  Gift deed
Question :  If a gift deed is made by any member of the girls house after the death of the father and takes her sign can the deed be challenged later on ? (Under Hindu law)

Answer by CVC & Associates :  Dear DC, Gift Deed can be executed only by the Donor of the Property to the Donee i.e., owner of the property only can gift his own self acquired property but not ancestral property. In your case property belongs to whom and who has gifted it is the question. Further, you said that in your query that member of the girls family after the death of the father, then I think in the present case if the owner of the property is your father then nobody on his behalf can gift his property after his death, as your father is only competent to give the gift. Further, your query conveys that the girl's signature was obtained on the said gift deed why it is obtained and in what capacity it is obtained need to be examined. I suggest take the copy of the gift to the local civil lawyer in your area then he will examine the issues involved as per the said gift deed and guide you porperly, I tried to understand your query and answered it. However, it is a fit case for challenging the said gift deed as it's execution itself is bad in law.