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Dextrous in Civil and Criminal Matters

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2908/99 Bihar Jharkhand High Court Bar Association Ranchi


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Subject :  Reg mortgage
Question :  How can a mortgage property to be registered in the name of the lender.

Answer by Pranay Kumar Sinha :  Sir, Your question is very vague. if the person or organization, who has lent money after keeping the property as mortgage, wants to get the property purchased in his/its name, then the person, who has lent money, will have to scrutinize the mortgage-deed contents to find out as whether any such clause is there or not or whether the mortgage is mortgage with conditional sale or is any other sort of mortgage. It is only the nature of mortgage that will determine the procedure to get the property transferred in the name of the lender. Please, tell the fact of the case precisely for better and consummate suggestion.

Subject :  Child visitation rights
Question :  My child lives with his mother in a different city. His mother is not letting me meet him for many months....ever since i had a healrh issue early last year. Please advise about my rights in such a situation

Answer by Pranay Kumar Sinha :  Blessed Sir, you have every right to meet your child. you must file a Suit under the Hindu Minority & Guardianship Act, 1956 and Guardian & Wards Act, 1890. However, it is important to convey you that child less than five year is ordinarily given in the custody of the mother only unless and until very strong reasons is given for the custody of the father. Nevertheless, the visiting rights of the father is always granted.