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Law Firm Name : Maninderjit Singh

Country : India

City : Chandigarh

Area : High Court (Chandigarh)


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Practicing Since :  2015

Qualification : B.Sc, M.A, LL.b


I am practising in the Punjab and Haryana High court, at chandigarh and i am mostly dealing in Criminal, Contempt and Writ petitions and Directions under 482. People with economically weak sections can also avial my services at nominal price.

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P-1389-2015 Punjab Punjab and haryana high court


 Arbitration & ADR

 Consumer,Product&Service Liability

 Contract & Drafting

 Criminal Law

 Family & Divorce

 High Courts (India)

 Human Rights

 IT, Media & Telecom

 IP, Trademark & Copyright

 Employment, Labor & Service

 Motor Vehicles



 Non Resident Indian (NRIs)

 Pre Negotiated Services


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Subject :  Car rental company not returning security deposit

Question :  Car rental company not returning security deposit

Answer by Maninderjit Singh :  Send a written notice asking your claim, if no reply or money is recieved, then you can file complaint to SSP of offence of Cheating and file complaint in consumer forum as well. Your Notice will make your claim more strong.

Subject :  Basic inquiry required

Question :  what is dowry ? and what we can do for dowry harassment ? (Hindu Religion)

Answer by Maninderjit Singh :  Dowry is any article or property which a bride brings her herself from her paternal home. If the girl is being harassed for demand of dowry then she can file the complaint to SSP who will mark it to women cell which will inquire and try to mediate and then furnish the report. if there is apprehension of being entangled in false dowry case then a representation for the same can be made before Local SSP

Subject :  How to deal with case if wife filed case under section 341 against me

Question :  How to deal with case if wife filed case under section 341 against me

Answer by Maninderjit Singh :  Go for Quashing under 482 if charges hasn't been framed..! but if trial has began and at belated stage then opt for compromise. JMIC has power to compound the matter

Subject :  Civil

Question :  Property sold to me by cheating and fraud?

Answer by Maninderjit Singh :  File cheating complaint and civil suit for damages. if it's immovable property then file suit for declaration of sale deed as illegal, null and void and institute.

Subject :  questionWhy do some groups require special human rights?

Question :  questionWhy do some groups require special human rights?

Answer by Maninderjit Singh :  Rights flow our constitution and certain groups due to their caste, culture, religion have been provided special rights, which are enforced by statutes and rules, for their protection and growth.

Subject :  if any person is tenent of one shop and lAND lORD has no lease deed or other proof

Question :  what remeady is availbel agaist tenent

Answer by Maninderjit Singh :  Send legal notice, through lawyer, to your tenant, stating the reason that why you want your premises to be vacated and give time to your tenant(at least 1 month) for vacating the shop. If after that time period, neither he replies(to seek more time for vacating or compromising the matter), nor he vacates then file suit for ejectment before rent controller.

Subject :  From whom should the damages be claimed after an accident?

Question :  While driving to college one morning, my friend got into an accident where a drunken tempo driver hit her two-wheeler and fell down, suffering from minor injuries. The owner of the temp, however, claims he is not responsible if the driver was drunk because he was not working that early in the morning. Whom should I claim the damages from for the damage done to the vehicle as well as the costs of minor injuries?

Answer by Maninderjit Singh :  Did your friend filed complaint with police for registration of FIR under Section 279,336, 427 IPC? If yes, then from police get copy of FIR, and file claim petition before motor accident claims tribunal. Your friend will get claim from driver, owner and insurance company.