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Country : India

City : Tirunelveli

Area : Palayankottai

Practicing Since :  2001

Qualification : Bsc,MA,BL.


Actively Practicing as a TRIAL Advocate before the Dist Courts of Tirunelveli ,Tuticorin and Madurai Tamilnadu state past 17 years and also appearing before the Madras High Court Madurai Bench.Mainly concentrating on Civil Law,Criminal Law,138-of -NI-Act,Consumer Law,Family Law,Customs Tax Act,Prevention Of Money Laundering Act-2002,NDPS Act,IPR Act,Factories Act,FEMA,and Banking Insurance Law.Also mainly concentrating on "Economic Offences" appearing TRIAL courts. In the year of 2007 Worked as a Central Govt Additional Standing Counsel for Thoothukudi Dist. Till now Em-paneled advocate for Magma Fin Corp. Mobile No:9443194559 Email Id:

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Enrolment No Enrolment State Enrolment BAR
MS NO: 2073/2002 TAMIL NADU Bar Council Of Tamilnadu and Puduchery.


 Consumer,Product&Service Liability

 Contract & Drafting

 Criminal Law

 Family & Divorce

 High Courts (India)

 Employment, Labor & Service

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Subject :  Will Deed Schedule
Question :  How can I mention the schedule of an apartment in a Will Deed? Do I have to include the (1)Description of entire Property, (2) description of undivided interest and then (3) Description of apartment?

Answer by JOHNSON THANGIAH :  Sir, Will deed should be registered and should have full details of apartment scheduled and boundary details,undivided interest and association also. JOHNSON THANGIAH Advocate

Subject :  Reg mortgage
Question :  How can a mortgage property to be registered in the name of the lender.

Answer by JOHNSON THANGIAH :  Sir, Through document and registration.

Subject :  how on l line board works
Question :  i wish to know how on line board works like prioritywise,how manytime listedwise, senior citizen prioritywise, or other way?

Answer by JOHNSON THANGIAH :  Sir, Your question is not proper.

Subject :  Blood stained pills
Question :  I would like to know if I can sue Walmart pharmacy for giving me a prescription drug (pills) with blood stains on them??

Answer by JOHNSON THANGIAH :  Yes...... Can file consumer case.

Subject :  Blood stained pills
Question :  I would like to know if I can sue Walmart pharmacy for giving me a prescription drug (pills) with blood stains on them??

Answer by JOHNSON THANGIAH :  SIR, You can take action against that pharmacy through consumer Act.

Subject :  Problem in getting refund of land purchase
Question :  In my case the land developer has exceeded the originally proposed schedule and also he has changed the originally proposed location. I have chosen not to proceed with the purchase and have sought refund of the amount paid however the seller is making excuses and is not willing to release funds.

Answer by JOHNSON THANGIAH :  Sir, In this case there is no documents attached by the client.we need relevant documents for getting advocate opinion. Thanks.

Subject :  Fresh complaint in medical negligence case.
Question :  Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has held in Om Prakash Singh v. State of Bihar CRIMINAL APPEAL NO.857 OF 2018 (Arising from SLP(Crl.) No.387/2018) that Second Complaint is Maintainable If There Is Discovery Of New Fact After Disposal Of First Complaint, taking this into account can a medical negligence victim file a fresh complaint against the doctors in consumer court if there is new discovery of facts in his/her medical negligence matter?

Answer by JOHNSON THANGIAH :  Sir, You can file second consumer complaint.

Subject :  Online doctors opinion in medical negligence case.
Question :  I want to know if I can produce online doctor’s opinion from medical website in medical negligence case pertaining to the procedure to be followed before going for an operation? There is any precedence wherein NCDRC or Hon’ble Supreme Court has accepted online doctor’s opinion as evidence? Can anybody give me case citation in this matter?

Answer by JOHNSON THANGIAH :  Sir, In consumer case first you have to file expert opinion petition preferably govt doctors and get orders from court and then seek court commissioner appointment from court.These are the proper legal steps.If you want full details kindly contact with me and i will give full assistance.

Subject :  Need advice in medical negligence case in NCDRC
Question :  In Balendra Kumar vs Ministry Of Labour & Employment on 20 April, 2017 central information commission has given its decision that file not traceable cannot be a valid reason for not providing information under RTI act. I want to know whether I can give the citation of this judgment in NCDRC in a medical negligence case, wherein the hospital is not giving information to the complainant / patient giving the reason that the said file is not traceable.

Answer by JOHNSON THANGIAH :  Sir, You can do it.

Subject :  Regarding payment of wages by government.
Question :  Sir I am a government teacher working in a school .Government has not paid us our monthly salary alongwith other employees citing budget shortage.It has been more than 4 months that we have not been paid salary inspite of giving notices through our teachers union.Sir ,what action can we take regarding this?

Answer by JOHNSON THANGIAH :  Mom, Every employee should be paid wages monthly basis.In south india the govt of Tamilnadu,Kerala,Andhra Karnataka and Telangana paying their salaries regularly.It seems that you are not a regular employee of your (U.P) govt. So you have to file a complaint before the Commissioner of labour for payment of wages U/S 15,16 of Payments of wages Act .

Question :  A Shop was allotted before 20-22 years to the undersigned by Municipal Committee, Haryana on monthly depositing of Rs. 600/= per month, which at present is Rs.800/= per month. The Shop has been issued in my name. Before 8-10 years, on faith / trust of any person, the same shop was given by the undersigned to that person for using the same for 10-12 months but that person[ to whom the shop was given by the undersigned] started depositing monthly amount of Rs. 800/= directly in the Municipal committee, HOWEVER THE SLIPS ISSUED BY THE MUNICIPAL COMMITTEE ARE STILL IN MY NAME, TO WHOM THAT FELLOW IS COLLECTING FROM THE MUNICIPAL COMMITTEE. Secondly, that person is not vacanting my shop. ---- Two important points to note in this case is that on the advice of any fellow when I asked Municipal Committee to give the terms & conditions on which the shop was granted to the undersigned with the help of RTI, then Municipal Committee confessed by given in writing [ in the court of State Commission, Chandigarh] that they have no idea of rules / regulations of allotting this shop to the undersigned. ---Last year a legal councel sent a notice to the person keeping the shop at present from my side asking him that the said shop was given to him in emergency for 6-8 months use only & asked him to vacate the shop. NOW ALMOST EVERY FELLOW SAYS THAT THE THE WRONG NOTICE HAS BEEN SERVED BY MY LEGAL COUNCEL BEFORE ONE YEAR. --- Sir, On what basis my this above shop can be vacate. There can be any type of mishappening in this shop as it is in my name. So, I want whether the shop may got vacate or if not possible of vacate, then the same may go into the custody of Municipal Commiitee. I AM READY TO ENGAGE ANY LEGAL COUNCEL WHO WITH GUARNTEE AN HELP ME IN EITHER VACATING OF THE SHOP OR MAKING THE SAME IN CUSTODY OF MUNICIPAL COMMITTEE

Answer by JOHNSON THANGIAH :  Sir, Haryana state municipal act to be followed in this case.

Subject :  My brother wife has filed the 498A case directly in Court,,,we didn't get any summon from Court till now,, should we take anticipatory bail in advance??
Question :  My brother wife has filed the 498A case directly in Court,,,we didn't get any summon from Court till now,, should we take anticipatory bail in advance??

Answer by JOHNSON THANGIAH :  Sir, Your case seems to be a private complaint U/S 200 Crpc and no need for anticipatory bail. Thanks.

Subject :  My brother's wife moved to her maternal home along with all jewelry,clothes and with 6 years old girl brother is planning to divorce her due to her quarreling nature.
Question :  After divorce,who will get the custody of girl child ?my brother or her wife?

Answer by JOHNSON THANGIAH :  Sir, Simple file restoration of conjugal rights petition before the court.

Subject :  What should
Question :  What precaution should take if there is wife threat that she will file fake case of domestic voilance and send you to jail.

Answer by JOHNSON THANGIAH :  Sir, Domestic violence cases first filed before JM courts then only the court issues summons for appearance.So you need not worry.

Question :   How i can prove the maintainability of my second time complaint in NCDRC in medical negligence case which has been admitted already and when all the paper procedure is completed and case is mature for final argument. But the court is asking now to prove the maintainability.

Answer by JOHNSON THANGIAH :  Sir, Litigant can file one compliant before the NCDRC.