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Subject :  Can Partners sale the immovable property of Registered Partner firm without consent of other partnerBack

Question :  Dear Sir We have Registered Partnership firm consisting 5 partners each having 20 % share. Previously in 2011, all 5 partners sold 8 Acre out of 12 Acre land which is in the name of firm. I, as Fitfh partner also signed that agreement of sale. That time four partners didn't gave me any amount or consideration in my account as 5th partner for this property sale. All other four partners at that time orally told that we will adjust your compensation in the form of land. Means they wanted me to take 20% land of total 12 Acres in remaining share of 4 Acres which comes to 2.4 Acres. As I was no need of money that time, i agreed for same. But they are cheating now? What can I do? Also they want to sale 80 percent of remaining land of their share? Can they do that?

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