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Subject :  Easement rights or Injunction or What law methods for permanent answerBack

Question :  Dear Lawyers. I have a property extent of 2 acres. Near to My property 3 acre . The owner of this property sold 3 acre to real estate agent in the year 1996. Real estate agent in the year 2000 , converted the land into residential plots and roads inside the layout is handover to the local panchayat through registered gift deed. One of the layout road is touched my property 2 acre. Person staying in the site end , made encroached on panchayat hand over gifted road and preventing me to usage that road which is gifted by real estate agent to panchayat through registered gift deed. Am having the alternative path of 9 feet . 1. My question is can i use that road which is hand over to the panchayat . 2. How i can prevent the person in encroaching the panchayat road and make a free access to my property. 3. Easement right or Injunction or What lawful methods will give a permanent solutions.

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