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Subject :  Wife sent divorce notice through lawyerBack

Question :  My wife left me 10 months back due to heavy debts I have and she also borrowed and gave me some money as my financial condition was not good i did not gave them back and so she left house. Later we sold our own house and cleared every debts which I received with her relatives/friends. Before clearing she was saying that clear the amount and I may come back, But after clearing she turned back that she will not come back and not comfortable to continue or marriage life. So 1 month back she sent a notice and also few days back she invited me for mutual consent divorce. My wife is also teacher and taking 19000 salary and we have 11 year daughter. So my question here is I answered the divorced notice given with false allegations I answered as false and ignore mutual consent divorce. Because I need to lead life with my wife and daughter. Before sending notice she scolded me with bad words saying indecent words . For that reason I dont want to give divorce. Please suggest

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