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Subject :  Wife filed divorce case in courtBack

Question :  Hi, My wife left me 9 months back telling that I had so many debts and we are about to sell our house and at present I have cleared all my debts by selling our own house. She helped me by borrowing from his father and friends. She only forced to take big amount to clear all debts and take home loan and clear. But unfortunately I did not get loan because of low cibil score. But finally we family decided to sell our house and clear all debts, because to rejoin the family. My wife was saying clear all debts and I may come. So after few months I have cleared all including my wife's side debts which i borrowed thinking that she may come back and lead happy life without commitment. But after clearing everything she turned back and remained there only telling that she will not come because you sold the house and she has age so young to collapse her life, so that she may get separated and enjoy her life. 2 months back she invited for mutual divorce but i ignored that one because it is unfaithful from my wife that after clearing everything she turned back. we have 11 year daughter. So I miss my daughter and I dont know what to do now, because 15 days back she filed a case against me in the court because i rejected mutual divorce. I am in confuse state that 11 years of matrimonial and sentimental of my daughter what to do? Please advise.

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