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Subject :  Municipality office building inspector asks for unwanted Notari bond for building planBack

Question :  I have applied for building plan approval to build my home in a hill station in my own plot in my local municipality in Tamilnadu. I have paid all the amount that I have to pay to government and the funds to welfare board. Still the building planning engineer refused to give me the approval license. He asked for an amount of 25k as bribe and he asked me to give me a Rs.100 Bond paper with notari signature stating that " I won't change anything from the plan and I will use it only for my housing purposes and not for commercial purposes in the entire lifetime of the building and the municipality has all the rights to take any action when needed. And I promise that I won't go to Court for any cause if any action was taken on me at anytime". I can use it for rental purposes or in future if I have a change of mind I can make it as a shop right? Any how I will pay my commercial taxes right? 1.Is this fair.? 2. Is there any law that I should submit this bond to them? As a citizen of India, ones last hope in the democracy for the justice is Court. 3. Is that legal to ask me to sign like this? 4. I have submitted all the documents that are needed for the building plan approval. Tamilnadu government has any law to ask for These type of bonds?

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