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Subject :  Buyer after satisfying has bought property. but bounce the PDC mentioned in registered sale deed.Back

Question :  I have sold a property duly registered sale deed on 1.1.2021 vide registered sale deed and stamp duties paid. buyer gave a public notice on 30.09.2020 and satisfied himself on title of property etc. on 1.1.21 ie. sale deed date buyers gave PDC for 25.3.21 which is mentioned in sale deed also. On 10.02.21, some person has filed a case on me saying that i have wronglfully sold the property, in which he also has interest, and the sale deed needs to be cancelled, etc. Though before sale deed, I have all the papers, govt.records and possession of property, but to create nuisance one relative has filed the case. No order came yet, its pending case. But on 25.3.21, chq bounced. Now buyer has made stop payment of chq and bounce all chqs., saying that you have sold illegal property, whereas he has checked all the papers, confirmed from govt record, gave 3months paper advertisement, and is aware of all the documents. what remedy available to me 1. against buyer bouncing chq., 2. against that illegal / unnecessary case done on me. thanks in advance

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