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Question :  My wife left matrimonial house and its been 6 months. Local people and leaders tried to convince my wife but she didn't listen to any. Her reasons for leaving the matrimonial house were silly and everyone agreed in the local meeting. As time passed, I came to know that her reasons for leaving the house to extract money from me (in terms of assets) while keeping the my child with her as point of emotional blackmail. Soon everybody realized it and tried for a financial settlement however, they are not responding to phone calls at all as they don't have a valid point to bring up in the meeting. Now my wife is trying for a job and planning to leave the child with her parents who drink alcohol and chew tobacco all the time and use foul language all the time. Most of time, my wife's father is drunk and is either sleeping or shouting and violently fighting with his wife. Everybody in their locality know of their behaviour. I came to know after my marriage that wife's parents even went to jail couple of times (I am not sure whether an FIR is registered) I have been visiting my child from last 5 months and I see that my wife doesn't bother our child at all. Everyday, she watches TV and leave the child in front of the TV without any education and care. Now How do I get my child from their clutches. I can get witnesses to submit that my wife's parents are violent and are drunk all the time.

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