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Subject :  mischief by police in chargesheet i m the victim (498a, 354a, 509, ) many things misiing i attempt sucide still no action Back

Question :  Unsuccessful suicide attempt made by me, by slight my hand wrist/nerve, 12 stitches, discharge next day, Fir u/s 498a, 354a, 509, 34 IPC,(due 2 torture, sexual advancement of Father in law, mother in law is not alive before marriage, husband never said anything 2hisfather, )police took statement on the same day after my surgery, 2 days after the statement of hub servant favor hub(i demand 1 cr, all lies, blackmail them), after 10 days my mom sis statement, but not given copy, not written many allegations, ceratin para deleted which we told , our sign taken on statment, nor mention of stridhan, v were misled, told afterward in an additional statement, police goes with me to house gets my dress but says jewelry afterward, after that no response from police, interim ABA given to hub, v were not informed by police when we came to know we objected, I received a letter for 164 statement, officer files chargesheet without informing me, just before 2days, i could not give 164 as not well , mislead by io for settlemnet, till no w no response from io, I came 2 know chargsheet filed, my stridhan, additonal statement no recorded, no medial papers, pictures of my injuires, no 164 statment. cheating with us, magistrate court accepts charge sheet, issue summons 2 accused, now what options do I have to bring facts on record or further or reinvestigation,or change of police station, can 406, 354,306 r/w 511 i heard be added pls advice, hub is infulenticail, political links, how can i fight against injustice, cheating against me in the chargesheet & gets all the deatils on record, please advice

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