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Subject :  How to approach a private limited company without any contact informatBack

Question :  Hi Through a friend, I invested a small amount (Rs.10000) in a private limited company with paidup capital of Rs.1 lakh, that was incorporated in 2008, and received 5 equity shares in 2011. I recieved a physical share certificate for the same. But, till now, i have not received any financial reports or any payouts from that company. My friend is nomore. The company is active and has many new outlets since. I know the registered office address but no other contact in that company. On LinkedIn I tried to connect with the Managing director but request unaccepted. I tried calling the phone number in the registered address, but the receptionist said MD is unavailable and is not aware of anything beyond her manager. The same with the manager. The email address of the MD in is invalid. I do not know how to approach the company. I am expecting there should be some appreciation of my investment in last 22 years along with backdated payouts if any. Please advise how should I approach the company to get the money due to me. What will I have rights to get backdated? How to get them to keep me appraised in future? Thanks Regards Monika

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