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Subject :  Contested Divorce Case under HMA Back

Question :  It is about a contested divorce case in an family court in Delhi where owing to financial hardships, the respondent (husband) has not been able to pay a little over one third of his counsel’s fee. The counsel has not been coming to the court since the last two hearings marked for presentation of evidence by the petitioner. The counsel has also stopped providing information about the next date of hearing since the last two hearings. The respondent himself was not able to attend the last two hearings. He is in dark as to the proceedings of the last two hearings. Now the case is listed for the next week for presentation of evidence by the respondent. He is unable to arrange the counsel’s balance fee as of now though he may be able to do so in near future. The counsel has refused to co-operate unless balance amount is paid. In the situation as outlined above, what would be an appropriate course of action on the part of the respondent. Shall appreciate a sound legal advice!

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