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Question :  My wife launched fake allegations under these sections 498a, 496 nd 120b and i have all the evidence to backup my statement and i send my statement with all evidence , when i get email from NRI WING POLICE OFFICER still they registered FIR against me, mom, dad and my uncle-aunt. Now, i got another email to appear in local police office in 15days. They didn’t even consider my evidence earlier. I am living in CANADA with my family. I am permanent residence and my parents on temporary visa. I got AB for my uncle and aunt. I don’t know what to do next now. Her family said they can only give divorce if i sponsor her otherwise they gonna ruin me and my family publicly with any possible way. How can i write a letter to NRI minister to open a investigation on this FIR by senior police officer. I don’t wanna send my parents back, we all know how system works nobody gonna believe us.

Subject :  Fake allegations against NRI Husband and his family
Answer By Lawyer :  Hello Rupinder, you can file a divorce on grounds of cruelty, also file a case on harrassment and defamation. Meanwhile get the FIR quashed from the High Court. Hope this was helpful.